Traackr's migration from HBase to MongoDB

Starting in the fall of last year, we made the decision to move our backend storage technology from HBase to MongoDB. George Stathis (@gstathis), VP of Engineering at Traackr, writes about the why and how of our decision.

The 10gen Blog on MongoDB and NoSQL: Recap: MongoDB Boulder 2012

The 10gen Blog on MongoDB and NoSQL: Recap: MongoDB Boulder 2012

Making 10gen's list

We were happy to share our success story with 10gen:

You Only Wish MongoDB Wasn't Relational

You Only Wish MongoDB Wasn't Relational

SOLR v.s. ElasticSearch

While we have been using SOLR for a while now, ElasticSearch has caught our attention lately. Built-in distributed support and the ability to nest or group documents is very interesting.

Here is a quick comparison of SOLR v.s. ElasticSearch:

And an interesting thread on StackOverflow:

Is ElasticSearch mature enough and production ready?

Traackr, a general research tool

Great article in Forbes today about Traackr’s A-List tool.

My 2 favorite quotes from the article:

Though Traackr is marketed as an influence tool, I think it’s a good research tool in general

Again full of names that are new to me. No surprise you might say but that shows the tool has value.

Dependency hell

Spent quality time with @bbguitar77 upgrading to Grails 2.0.0. Of course this took us down the rabbit hole to dependencies hell. But we survived, we are back and all unit tests are now passing.

Onto the next challenge!

MongoDB Cambridge meetup

George (@gstathis) and I (@dchancogne) will be at  the next MongoDB meetup in Cambridge (NERD center, how appropriate) this coming Monday (02/06). Come join us, ping us, would like to chat with folks about how they use MongoDB and share some stories on how we use it at