Introducing: Enragement

Traackr is the leader in the Influencer Management space. Our platform is an enterprise system of record to manage, expand, validate, and scale an influencer marketing program. Though there are others that try to copy us, we feel we do it best. That's why we are excited to announce an upcoming feature: Engagement. Our customers will now be able to accurately measure engagement with influencers.

But we didn't want to stop there. Let's face it, once we release this feature, there will be others not far behind with similar functionality. So we are already busy working on the NEXT NEXT big thing in influencer management.

Introducing the NEXT NEXT big thing that NO ONE else is offering: Enragement. What is enragement? It is the perfect feature in these highly polarized times. Our “secret sauce” is an algorithm that measures not only how ENGAGED an audience is with a tweet, but how ENRAGED the author is.

Interestingly, they are two sides of the same coin – symbiotic concepts that feed off of one another. The more ENRAGED an author is, the more ENGAGED their audience becomes.

Take this series of tweets, for example. On the heels of a difficult meeting with Angela Merkel and a congressional hearing about investigations into Russian election-tampering, the POTUS sent out these tweets:

Our enragement algorithm kicked in and gave these tweets an enragement index of “TTF” (“Through the Roof”). Within hours, the tweets had thousands of replies, retweets, and favorites. Imagine if these tweets were about your product. That's money in the bank. YUGE!

How do we do it? Well, there's only so much we can divulge about our secret sauce. This diagram provides an overview of the non-confidential aspects of the algorithm:

Running any text through our algorithm will measure its rage score through a proprietary combination of:

  • bad grammar (a sign of anger)
  • overuse of CAPS
  • repeated characters (especially exclamation points)
  • cursing
  • a selection of low-brow emojis (e.g. “poo”)

That's all we can share for now. If you'd like to see a demo of how your influencer marketing programs can utilize our special algorithm to craft the perfect tweets for maximum enragement, please call our sales team today.