About Us

Traackr’s mission is to build trust and transparency between brands and people, and we are the software developers who are building the product that is making this happen.  We are a tight-knit group of individuals who genuinely get excited about Mondays.  We pick the right tools for the job and as such, we are polyglots: Java, PHP, Python, Scala and Javascript/Node are in our tool belts.

And what platforms are we building this product on?  We are leveraging technologies such as Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MySQL and Redis.  We are hosted on AWS and automate our provisioning and deployments with tools such as Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins.   For a full glimpse of our stack and the tools we use every day, check out our page on StackShare.io.

But it’s not just about using the best tools, what we do with them is everything. We are committed to producing high quality code: we collaborate heavily via code reviews, and pull requests to improve our code and learn from one another.  Testing and documentation are not optional in this group.

Innovation is a big part of how we do what we do. Quarterly hack-weeks (yep, we take entire weeks off to hack on ideas) as well as the ability to pitch an idea or technology that has direct impact on the business and push it forward.”

Where to find us

While development is mostly based in Boston, we are distributed and work remotely most of the time which affords great schedule flexibility (nod to those who have kids).

Join our team!

We are always looking for the best and brightest to make our team even better. We don’t just go look for people similar to us: we enjoy injecting new DNA into our team and learning new tricks from the people that join us.  Check out our careers page, and submit an application if you’re interested in being part of this team.