Traackr's migration from HBase to MongoDB

Starting in the fall of last year, we made the decision to move our backend storage technology from HBase to MongoDB. George Stathis (@gstathis), VP of Engineering at Traackr, writes about the why and how of our decision.

Traackr, a general research tool

Great article in Forbes today about Traackr’s A-List tool.

My 2 favorite quotes from the article:

Though Traackr is marketed as an influence tool, I think it’s a good research tool in general

Again full of names that are new to me. No surprise you might say but that shows the tool has value.

MongoDB Cambridge meetup

George (@gstathis) and I (@dchancogne) will be at  the next MongoDB meetup in Cambridge (NERD center, how appropriate) this coming Monday (02/06). Come join us, ping us, would like to chat with folks about how they use MongoDB and share some stories on how we use it at