Are you tired of tagging items in Atlassian JIRA with the proper release version? Then, does Will have the script for you!

This is a script that can intelligently create a release version then set the release version tag on items in JIRA given a range of code commits. Uses the commit messages in the range to pull out what JIRA items to tag. Commit messages must begin with a JIRA item ID (e.g., MYPROJ-1234,MYPROJ-5678). Script checks that the item ID exists and is in a “Closed” state before tagging it.

The initial implementation is already able to collect git commit’s in a tag-aware manner, process them to identify JIRA ticket items, and create a JIRA fixVersion / tag tickets via the JIRA REST API. Numerous safety mechanisms are also implemented to validate tickets before tagging them.

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